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Influencer- and Blogger-Marketing for your offers and services

The importance of bloggers and influencers in tourism and online marketing is unimagineable. They not only have a high level of authenticity, credibility, and proximity to your target group, but also have a lasting effect on your success.

Bloggers are especially useful in the classic blog, but also on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn. The opinion of the respective bloggers creates a great impact. The text and image language of the influencers and bloggers not only convinces readers with its personal and characteristic approach, but also achieves a lasting interaction and reaches within your target group through its authenticity.

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Overachieve marketing objectives, reach the right target group on time

Precisely reach your target group and marketing objectives 

Bloggers and influencers not only offer you credible access to exactly your target group, but also have a measurable and cost-effective effect on achieving your marketing goals.

In order to ensure that the influencer marketing is a meaningful addition to your existing online marketing activities, various parameters such as the audience fit should be checked in advance. Here it is especially important that the selected blogger or influencer fits the advertised offer in a natural way. This is the only way to ensure that the target group of the influencer matches the target group of your offer, product, or service.

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Analyzing your offer and the target audience is of substantial important in order to understand in a first step who your actual target audience is and what your offer is all about. In the next step we will identify the perfect blogger for influencing your marketing cooperation.

We will gladly do this work for you. So that you can easily increase the awareness level, reputation, and sales of the offer you are courting.

See here how Bloggers and Influencers can improve your online marketing activity.

Our services include

Reach exactly your target group and marketing objectives with the blogger and influencer network of Argo.Berlin

Identification and analysis of the right blogger and target group for your offer

Blogger and Influencer network of Argo.Berlin

We offer you access to over 1,000 bloggers with more than 3 million page views per month and 1 million followers on diverse social networks within the subject areas leisure & travel.

A variety of online marketing measures are available to you: Reviews, sponsored posts, native advertising, banner advertising, content production – you decide what suits your company best. We would also be happy to design and create your Influencer or Blogger campaign. In doing so, we focus on the exact analysis of your target group and the alignment with your marketing goals.

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Bloggers with other topics are also supported by us of course. Just contact us with your individual topic focus. We would be happy to create an individual blogger and influencer portfolio for you and then develop your high-reach campaign.

Please feel free to send us your inquiry via our contact form below, write us an e-mail to or simply call us at: 030 447 146 88. We are already excited to create your Influencer campaign or blogger collaboration.

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